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Members of the Southeastern Board of REALTORS® are proud to serve their communities. REALTORS® who are also Oklahoma real estate licensees are qualified to help you buy and sell property throughout the State.

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Southeastern Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® Territorial Jurisdiction 

The territorial jurisdiction of the Association as a Member of the NATIONAL Association of REALTORS® is:  North Boundary: Beginning at the McIntosh County Line, a town of Council: West to McIntosh County Line and east to McIntosh County Line.  Going east from the town of Council, South on McIntosh County Line to Highway 71, and a part of Haskell County.

Northeast Boundary:  Being the Haskell County Line, East Boundary: Haskell County Line South to Latimer County Line and to the southernmost point of the Pushmataha County Line.  South boundary: The Pushmataha County Line.  West Boundary: Being the Pushmataha County line, north to Highway 43; west to Highway 75, a part of Coal County, north to Calvin on Highway 75, a part of the Hughes County Highway 270 southeast to Stuart: north on Highway 31 A to the northernmost part of the McIntosh County Line.  In addition, all within the counties of Sequoyah and LeFlore.

Territorial jurisdiction is defined to mean the right and duty to control the use of the terms REALTOR® and REALTORS®, subject to the conditions set forth in these Bylaws and those of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, in return for which the association agrees to protect and safeguard the property rights of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION in the terms.

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